Personal Experiences with Moringa

Testimonies are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Club BizsSmart is not responsible for any of these testimonies.
These testimonies are not the opinion of Club BizsSmart, but peoples personal experiences. 

Personal Experiences with Moringa

I have been taking the Jamaica Miracle Moringa for about a month.

I have been a diabetic suffering with peripheral nephropathy in both feet for 25 years.
I notice immediate feeling in my toes and the ball of my feet, after only (3) days of taking Miracle Moringa.

I also lost 10 lbs. in (3) weeks and have notice that my skin is softer and I am told by my wife, that my face is starting to looks vibrant. Jamaica Miracle Moringa Works! Michael C., Texas

I'm 70 years old and still work in a machine shop full time. By afternoon every day my legs become so tired, they begin to hurt. I started out taking two Moringa capsules in the morning just for more energy to get through the day. What I noticed a couple days later, completely unexpected is that the daily afternoon pain in my legs was completely gone. This was a benefit I had no idea I would experience.

I am now working through the day with more energy and no pain. I've ordered some more bottles and started my wife on daily Moringa doses as well. John, Ohio

Two capsules in the morning and I am ready to go all day. I feel better, no more late afternoon naps.
I am excited to be receiving pure nutrition every day. I have hyperthyroidism so I am anxious to see how that will be changed in the future as I continue on course. Steve, Ohio

I began taking Moringa initially with a small hope that my diabetes and high blood pressure could be helped. At my last check-up, my doctor said he could lower my medication because my sugar level was better and my blood pressure was under control. I told him I had not been taking my medication at all and hadn't been for 4 months. When he asked what was going on then that had changed, I told, "I take Moringa now!
No more medication. Florence, New York

Miracle Moringa has been the answer I was looking for. Since taking it, my blood pressure has normalized, and no caffeine high or crash at all. Lynn, Colorado

I was blessed that Michael C. contacted me, and I ordered this Miracle Moringa product. My body responded from the first day I took the product. I had more energy, and as a person that has been dealing with crohn's disease for over a decade, I can say that my body has responded to this product better than anything I have taken. That is not a small statement. In the past 12 years, I have tried thousands of products and spent tens of thousands of dollars, and without overstating, even a little bit, I can say this Miracle Moringa has been the miracle I have been praying for. Ron, Florida

I was shocked when I saw my blood pressure numbers come back… I had to rub my eyes to make sure I was looking at the right thing. Not to mention, Miracle Moringa also helps suppress your appetite, so you are less hungry, you eat less and get full of energy. Jeffrey, Utah

I am honored to give my personal testimony knowing that it could help someone out there, tears and a smile comes to my face for thinking about how I was suffering the discomfort that I went through with having Sciatica, Spinal Stenosis and Drop Foot. Not being able to get around without the use of a walker, leg brace and a cane. Thanks to Miracle Jamaica Moringa, I am free of any discomfort and I am able to walk and get around without those devices. Thank you, Miracle Jamaica Moringa. Takie A.

Having been introduced to ClubBizsSmart (CBS) and there amazing one-of-a-kind, life-enhancing products has been a "Dream Come True" for me. I'm always searching for the best in nutritional products and I found exactly what I was looking for with CBS.

Since taking the Miracle Moringa and the Pineapple Island Cleanse & Trim Tea, I feel more alive, I feel like I lost 20 years of aging. My oh my, do I feel great! I have sustained energy thought the day, I feel alive, I'm sleeping more soundly and waking up feeling like I'm ready to run a marathon.

I had sleep apena for over 15 years and, after being on these products for a little over two months, I was re-tested and am told I no longer have sleep apena. Don't know if it it's just a coincidence but I'm giving these products the credit as they have given me back my life. Ann, NJ

Ron, You have known me for years & know my background as a teaching, playing tennis pro, Fireman/Paramedic & also a crew member with American Airlines for 20 years. To say the least I have been active my entire life & have never taken my health for granted.

I have worked extremely hard to stay in shape, eat well & feed my body with nutritional & herbal supplemental the last say 40 years or so. Being a bit boastful, I feel at my age of 65 now I would have to rank myself at least in the top 5% of in fitness & health for my age. I have also have prided myself in the fact that I take no medications of any kind on a daily basis.

I know my body & how I feel very well, so it was a great shock about 10 days ago that I just did not feel Right. Not like I was getting a cold or something, I could just feel my blood pressure was up.
Usually 120/ 70 or even lower. I went by a fire station to have my B/P checked it 170/ 107, I was quite alarmed,
I called my Dr. to go in & see him that day & to run EKG at his office. While I was waiting for EKG results my fingers were getting tingly, No pain in left arm but I was a bit scared , was use to be being on the other side of helping folks with health problems.
My Dr. said I should get on a blood pressure medication, which was prescribed that day. I started that evening, he had told me about the side effects & also wanted me to purchase a B/P device so I could monitor at home. After 4 days on the B/P medicine the side effects became too much so I stopped taking the medication. My B/P was going down but it started going down the next day after starting the B/P medication & it really does not work that quickly???

Now for the good part, 2 days before I had my stop off at the fire station, I started taking my Jamaican Moringa product from Club BizsSmart that I got from you Ron.
6 days after taking my Moringa & the day that I stopped the B/P medication my B/P was continuing to drop as I had been monitoring it 2 to 3 times a day.
I was back to 120/70 , 120/79 ( after activity) A couple of my evening readings were so low at 116/62, I had my girlfriend check hers to be sure the B/P device was working properly. Nothing else had changed in my routine but this Amazing new product. I can not begin to thank you enough for showing this to me.
This is & will be part of my daily routine.

I never take the time to write a letter or give a testimonial, I would recommend this product to anyone.

Greg H. retired firefighter/paramedic retired American Airlines, NOT retired from tennis or golf.

There is no “Magic Bullet”.
Even though there is no magic bullet, you can still learn to normalize your weight without ever going hungry whilst enhancing your overall health!

I lost 10 dress sizes in 10 weeks using Jamaica Miracle Moringa and Pineapple Island Cleanse & Trim Tea. - Denise, MO


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Testimonies are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Club BizsSmart is not responsible for any of these testimonies.
These testimonies are not the opinion of Club BizsSmart, but peoples personal experiences. 

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