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Nyte A Body Restoring Drink. Not just a sleep aid!
Promotes Better Sleep, Helps Strengthen Bones, and more.

crush global nyteNyte

nyte is an All-Natural effervescent relaxing drink that promotes healthy magnesium levels and balances calcium intake - helping you to feel less stressed & relaxed. nyte is made with zero sugar and no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners.

nyte may help reduce Stress, Fatigue, Inability to Sleep, Muscle Tension, Spasms, Cramps, Anxiousness, Nervousness, Irritability, Headaches, PMS, Hormonal Imbalances, and Weakening Bones*.

nyte promotes healthy magnesium levels and balances calcium intake-helping you to feel less stressed and more relaxed.
It is important to maintain balance between the levels of magnesium and calcium in your body-especially at a cellular level.

Calcium makes muscles contract, while magnesium allows them to relax. Calcium is needed for blood clotting, but magnesium keeps the blood flowing freely.

The good news is your body knows exactly how to handle this balance-as long as it has the right amount of these two nutrients available. Sadly, most of us (an estimated 80 percent) don't get enough magnesium in our diets, while we often take in an excess of calcium, mainly from dairy products and supplements. Both high-calcium diets and stress-filled lives deplete the magnesium in our bodies even further.
Take nyte every night to maintain your body's proper mineral balance.

crush global nyte

crush global nyte

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