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Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower people, regardless of their background, gender, race or age by giving them a unique opportunity to achieve their goals and dreams. By joining our Mission, you make the choice to change your life forever. Our model is flexible and adaptable with no restriction to your growth.
We are committed to your success by providing you with the best and highest grade of products available. We will give you all the necessary support and training you need in order to sell your products and build a strong and profitable business.

Cloud Technology

By operating with Cloud Technology and not brick and mortar, it allows us to have the lowest corporate overhead with less staff, thereby reducing the cost of doing business which gives us the ability to pay out higher commissions. It also makes us more efficient with the ability to grow faster.

Ron Ellis, Joe Stephens and Mike Major has teamed up to bring you this incredible product called Miracle Moringa. Their goal is to introduce Miracle Moringa to the world of Direct Sales, which will allow you to offer this great product to everyone you know, which gives you the ability to build a great business opportunity and help others to do the same.

Executive Team

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Ron Ellis, Founder & CEO:

Ron is a visionary that oversees all facets of the company’s operation. A United States Air Force Veteran with over 10 years of Military Service that was awarded the Young Men of America Award while serving a tour of duty in the United Kingdom in 1981. He also holds a Second Degree Black Belt in the Korean Martial Arts “Hapkido”.

Ron has over 25 combined years of private business ownership (Ron Ellis Productions: Special Events & Entertainment Promotions, Automotive Dealers Promotions) and Network Marketing Business from building over a 50,000 distributorship base and earning over $30,000 per week, to Direct Sales Consulting and Direct Sales Company Ownership with over $30 Million in Annual Sales.

He has also helped build 3 Direct Sales Companies from the ground floor up along with organizing and setting up back-office software, programming of compensation plans, and product formulation creations.

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