Club BizsSmart Health Products, like Moringa, Moringa Red Hibiscus Tea

Club BizsSmart Health Products

Miracle Moringa
Most nutritious plant
in the world. 92 nutrients,
46 anti-oxidants,
36 anti-Inflammatories,
25 vitamins and minerals,
micro and macro nutrients, etc.

Pineapple Island Tea
Eliminate toxic waste
material that builds up
in the colon and intestines,
including parasites.
This all natural, vegetarian,
delicious herbal tea, etc.

Island Coral H2o
Alkalizing Mineral Water Treatment.
"Ecosafe" Sourced from
Pristine Caribbean Coral"
74 Bio-Available Coral Minerals.
*Raises pH, *Buffers Chlorine,
*Adds Electrolytes & Vitamin C, etc.

Moringa Red Hibiscus Tea
Help many situations
from heart health to
normal blood sugar,
reduced cholesterol,
vision, weight management,
lowering blood pressure, etc.

Moringa Gold Tea
Supports the immune system.
25 vitamins and minerals,
36 Anti-Inflammatories,
46 Antioxidants,
18 amino acids,
30%  plant proteins, etc.



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