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Amare Mood+

Amare's Mood+ is an advanced, all-natural mood support product that addresses feelings of anxiousness, sadness, and restlessness.

Mood+ contains multiple patented ingredients with over 20 scientific studies.
Amongst these studies, each key ingredient has been shown to enhance or improve mood and cognitive functions.*

The key ingredients in Mood+ have multiple scientific studies that show significant benefits for mood support such as relief from anxious feelings, sadness, restlessness, and overall stress relief.*

Get yourself back to feeling joyful and motivated with Amare's all-natural product  Mood+!.


Formulated with All Natural Ingredients:

Directions: Take 2 capsules with 8 oz of water.
Additional servings can be taken as needed.
Do not exceed 6 capsules per day.



"After just 24 hours we noticed a difference. I felt a huge pressure weight release."
Pamela P.

"I have been taking Mood+ ... and have never felt so calm and collected. I've tried so many things to help with my anxieties, nothing has ever helped like Mood+ has."
Dave D.

"I have struggled with moderate feelings of anxiety and depression for a long time.
Most of my adult life, really. I started right away with the Amare FundaMentals Pack and Mood+ and noticed results almost immediately."
Robert E.

"Coming home from work in the dark every fall has always been a struggle and left me feeling like I have zero energy by 5 p.m. None of that this year!
MentaBiotics and Mood+ has me energized!"
Deb B.

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