Amare GBX SeedFiber for Mental Wellness
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Amare GBX SeedFiber

Amare GBX SeedFiber is the next-generation approach to optimizing the gut-brain axis.

This advanced formula contains phytonutrient-rich seeds as sources of natural insoluble fibers, helping you feel fuller, longer.

The robust Cold-Pressed Seed Powder Blend contains sunflower, cucumber, cranberry, black cumin, blackberry, and concord grape seed fibers.

This blend supports the immune system, skin health, eye health, brain health, heart health, and increases stress resilience.


AHCC, a clinically-studied & patented cultured mushroom mycelia extract, rich in alpha-glucans and effective for immune support, is a rare and premium ingredient found in GBX SeedFiber. AHCC supports microRNA signaling between the microbiome and the central nervous system.
This unique ingredient helps manage feelings of stress, tension and anxiety.*

This product provides a diverse source of fiber and can be added to blended beverages and healthy
baked goodies - anywhere that you want to boost fiber and phytonutrient content.


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