Amare GBX Protein for Mental Wellness
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Amare GBX Protein

Amare GBX Protein , the world's first protein powder specifically developed to support the gut-brain axis and boost the gut microbiome!
The Amare Microbiome-Boosting Protein Blend features Artesa Chickpea Protein, which gives a nice texture and flavor to the blend.

The chickpea blend is formulated with premium, sustainably sourced chickpeas - so it's not only good for your gut, but for the environment too.

The blend is completed with the inclusion of high quality brown rice and pea protein which help control appetite, promote cardiovascular health, and speed metabolism.


Our GBX Protein packs a protein punch, delivering 17 grams of pure plant protein. Our unique chickpea, brown rice and pea protein blend nourishes good bacteria in the gut and improves microbiome balance, while controlling appetite and supporting muscle mass. Our specialized blend is smooth (not gritty!) and flavorful, unlike some other protein blends on the market.

This protein-filled blend comes in two delicious flavors, chocolate and vanilla, so that you can easily add it to milk/ non-dairy milk or mix it with your favorite shake. Plus, it's Reboot+ friendly, and works wonders to support an optimized Amare reboot! Make sure to add it to your daily diet for a great source of nutrition.

Directions: Mix 2 scoops in 8-16 oz. of water, milk or smoothie. Consume 1-2 servings per day for optimal gut-brain axis support.

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