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5 year old Pharmaceutical Company with One of A Kind Products
and a Travel Plan that beats the competition and a digital academy "training"!

High demand products with a proven delivery system that has
20-years of science
behind it. Our proprietary cell based absorption technology is unsurpassed its ability to deliver more of what your body needs at the cellular level.

The Science Behind PureCell™ Technology
PureCell™ technology revolutionizes the way in which your body receives vital nutrients.
Our clinically-proven droplet structure is engineered to provide targeted, maximum absorption of essential ingredients at a cellular level. We start with a pure, nutrient-rich compound, called the Core, which is then protected by a dynamic Shell. The Shell shields the Core from digestive fluids, allowing for water-solubility and optimal nutrient absorption.

The synergistic relationship between Core and Shell ensures each PureCell™ droplet’s effectiveness and targeted delivery to maximize the absorption of vital nutrients.
This optimal delivery system means that the benefits of Electi's products are experienced faster and more efficiently. Additionally, the lower dosage needed to achieve these benefits also means that each dose you take is more economical and valuable.

The Advantages of PureCell™ Technology
In a clinical bioavailability study, PureCell™ products proved superior to traditional essential oil formats. Our product achieved peak concentration up to five times faster than traditional oils, and with a higher concentration of metabolites in plasma after seven times faster uptake.
These results mean that you can rely on PureCell™ technology to achieve maximum efficacy and bioavailability that keeps working for you long after taking our product.

The Swiss have a global reputation for quality...
Having our product science, formulation, manufacturing,
and company all come from Switzerland is an awesome advantage!

PureCell™ technology brings orally taken nutrients to the cell in a first, safe, and efficient way.

electi pure cell
Normal Nutrient

Inability of nutrient to pass
the cell membrane.

electi pure cell
PureCell™ Enhanced Membrane

Encapsulated nutrients are better
able to pass the cell membrane.

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Here’s a list of the 31 countries that Electi is doing business in:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

Plus USA and United Kingdom of course many more will be added over time!

Electi PowerPoint Presentation - Download Here

Incredible Testimonial of the Peak Immunity

Because of this video above I decided to try the Peak Immunity for my neuropathy in my feet. I was starting to be very worried as the neuropathy was getting so bad, I could no longer wear tennis shoes. Now, I can wear my shoes again, and give my sandals a break.
My first day I did a loading dose of 20 drops in 4 ounces of water. Now I do 10 to 15 drops twice daily. Within a couple days I noticed a big difference, I am sleeping better than ever.
I will begin using the other drops, as the technology and absorption of these products are beyond amazing. So many people will be blessed by these everyday drops or should I say miracle drops. I have many friends using these drops and are blown away how they are being helped as well, with less pain , more energy, and sleeping better, etc.
- Adrian M.

Electi Products

The Electi commitment to quality comes from the company's roots in Switzerland, long known for a centuries-old tradition of elite precision and craftsmanship.

Years of research and development have led to a truly innovative suite of wellness solutions, all designed to meet exacting standards for quality, safety, and efficacy.
Get to know the science behind this remarkable collection of products.

electi health drops

Beaming Youth

Activate, Preserve, and Protect your cells from aging.

Beaming Youth and its main active ingredient Spermidine has been shown in studies to promote healthy autophagy, immune response, anti-aging benefits, and anti-inflammatory support for overall health and longevity.

The result is total cellular rejuvenation that you will feel inside and out.

Beaming Youth Ingredients

Smart Energy

Boost your body and your brain.

Smart Energy delivers a highly-bioavailable dose of CoQ10 to boost energy levels, reduce fatigue, and improve exercise performance - all while supporting brain health by improving cognitive function and reducing oxidative stress.

 Smart Energy Ingredients

electi health drops

electi health drops

Peak Immunity

Powerful immune support to keep you at your best.

Peak Immunity combines the benefits of Vitamin C with a proprietary blend of Cicrumin and Frankincense to deliver anti-inflammatory and immune support.

These three natural ingredients work together to boost your overall wellness and keep you in the game all year round.

Peak Immunity Ingredients

D3 Defense

Protect, Balance, Regenerate.

Vitamin D is often called "the sunshine vitamin" because it can be naturally produced in your body following exposure to the sun.

Among its many benefits, Vitamin D can promote bone growth, regulation of muscle function, and the conversion of blood sugar into energy.

D3 Defense Ingredients

electi health drops

electi health drops

Choice Multivitamin

Fill nutritional gaps and fuel your day.

To fill nutritional gaps and ensure your body always has the building blocks for healthy cellular function, make a smart choice.

Choice Multivitamin is packed with beneficial vitamins and minerals, and supercharged with the power of PureCell™ technology to ensure your body maximizes the incredible benefits.

Choice Multivitamin Ingredients


  • We will build a community of inspired individuals around the world who start first by choosing their path to…
  • Choose greater health through our innovative, trusted products.
  • Choose greater wealth through the personal development, education, and entrepreneurial platform we provide.
  • Chose greater happiness through a community of like-minded people, and pay it forward to help others.

electi vision

CEO Jürgen Pulvermüller and COO Marius Broening Co-Founders

Be Rewarded by Sharing with Others Life Changing Products
A Compensation Plan that anyone can have Success with

Compensation Plan Guide - PDF

Electi has created a super fair comp plan that allows an average networker to earn $400 Monthly Reward with a team that is producing as little as $1200 PGV.
I've never seen a company pay out $400 on $1200 volume... That's a 33% commission!
The BV is programmed at Dollar for Dollar!
You can easily earn a 6-figures per month, the sky is the limit with this infinity pay comp plan!

It is a 3-Leg Trinary Comp Plan that pays you on volume through infinity,
there is also a check match on your personals, and a Global Straight-Line that incentivizes folks to stay on auto-ship!

It only takes 3 legs to max out the comp plan... I'm building 3 straight lines down and we will all benefit from each other doing the same. The BV "Business Volume" from all the people that I place down under you will be counted toward your own PGV, so you will have the ability to earn commissions from everything those people do under YOU!

Electi is in a prelaunch phase right now where they are allowing people to sign up and choose to purchase the $158. or $499. package purchase level they want to join at.

Why is this the PERFECT STORM...

#1. No Competition! Our company has global exclusivity and is the only network marketing company in the world that will ever market these products!

#2. All of the products that we market are amazing life changing proven health products created by a well-established nutraceutical company out of Switzerland!

#3. Electi has entered into a business partnership with this nutraceutical company! Not just a hand shake, they have actually purchased equity ownership in each other’s company! This shows a serious long term commitment from both companies!

#4. Our company has one of the strongest comp plans I’ve ever seen! All of our high demand products are fairly priced, and 100% of them have an unheard of true DOLLAR-for-DOLLAR BV attached to them!

#5. We are only allowed to build 3 legs, so this comp plan creates a team spirit where everyone has to place people down under their people! We are literally paid on all 3 legs through infinity!

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